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Try to connect to another WiFi channel available, 3. ...the broadband plan is one of the most affordable in NZ which is great for budget conscious tenants. Any speed issues you’re still experiencing may be something to do with wifi , see “Using your WiFi connection” below. Broadband will appear on the same bill as your energy, but your broadband billing dates will differ from your electricity billing dates as broadband is billed in advance. Note, for any properties that have been subdivided, each one must be on a separate title – your Local Fibre Company (LFC) may ask for this. Simply add broadband to your account through ‘My Account’ via the website or app. Contact Energy Unlimited Fibre 100/20 Power+Gas on Broadband Compare - take an advantage of this amazing Contact Energy Broadband Unlimited Fibre 100 plan. Once the technician has confirmed your service is up and running, you can plug your modem into the ONT and your connection should be ready to use! more. Yes (provided the entry was added by Contact). If you find videos keep buffering, images are failing to load, or webpages time out, here is a quick guide to fix the problem. If you are a Virgin Media customer you'll need to contact them to stop your service, they normally require 30 days notice. Simply let us know and we can arrange an alternative (ADSL/VDSL) while you wait. For example, the installer can’t use the existing underground pipes or overhead lines, so they may need to dig a new trench. ADSL/VDSL connections only (if you’re on fibre, skip to step 5). Please email us at or call us on 0800 641 502 and tell us what your account number is and how you’d like your name to appear in the phone book. Connect to the other WiFi channel. Easy to set up and friendly service, highly recommend (It will most likely be set to auto by default). Next, they attach a box on a wall inside your property - this is called an Optical Network Termination (ONT). Get fixed energy rates, a 2% fixed energy discount every month and $150 off your first bill to make things a little bit easier. Perfect for small/medium-sized households. Shell Energy uses the Openreach network (BT phone line) therefore if you switch to another Openreach provider, they will handle the cancellation and broadband switch. Depending on where you move to, we may not be able to provide you with exactly the same services you currently have – it all depends on what’s provided where. Contact broadband services are open contracts. Unless you’re setting up a new fibre broadband connection, then probably not. It may take a while for the modem to install, but within two hours you should be up and running with your internet. One end of this goes into your computer and the other end goes into one of the yellow Ethernet ports on the back of the modem. (Please note this is for landline to landline calls only, standard rates apply for mobiles, please refer to rates below. Put your modem in a central place, ideally within the line of sight of where you use the internet most. The latest offer from Contact offers up to $25 off the standard monthly cost of broadband when you bundle with energy on the Broadband Bundle plan.Get unlimited broadband from $64.99/mth with no fixed term and no break fees. more, Really easy to deal with, never any issues, Looking out for my best interest with regards to the account and services Noel Leeming, JB Hi-Fi, PB Tech etc. We’ll also let you know what dates you’re scheduled to be connected. My home phone is not working. Give us a call on 0800 641 502 and we can set this up for you. If you are on an ADSL or VDSL connection, visit and type in your address, it should give you an estimate on your download speed. Reboot (turn on and off) the device that is experiencing issues and try to connect to the network again. This will depend on what service you’ve asked for. Contact your provider, explain your problem, and 99.9% of the time your provider is going to work pretty hard to get that resolved for you. Prices include GST and are for Fast Fibre connections only. What if I no longer want broadband from you? Switch Mobile Phone. Compare broadband deals. We’ll send you a free modem to use with your Contact Broadband service ($14.99 postage and handling applies). Here’s a guide for when you need to gain consent for fibre and what type: For more information, visit your Local Fibre Company’s website: There may be a small amount of down time in your services while the technician is in the process of switching your fibre service over to Contact (for example, while the ONT is being configured or while you are connecting your new modem). 3. VDSL/ADSL) and we’ll start the upgrade from there. Over 80% of our generation is from renewable sources, we’ve reduced our emissions by 59% since 2012 and we’ve planted over 25,000 native plants in the last year. View our International rates. Been with contact for nearly 8 years and very happy with the service provided. more. When you update the password, be sure to write down your new admin password and keep this somewhere safe. If you have a monitored or medical alarm, please contact your alarm provider to ensure the alarm will continue to work with a VoIP phone connection. 1. Contact Energy offers broadband in conjunction with a number of its fixed-term and flexible electricity plans. Your call centre staff answer the phone promptly and are easy to understand. These are particularly useful in large or concrete house. You’ll need to locate and turn off the WiFi on all devices other than the single device you'll use for testing. These are both 'admin' by default. Useful in large or concrete house in some cases, further groundwork beyond your boundary may need to your! Company, also offering phone, our team can easily find this out. That is experiencing issues and try to connect to the broadband plan is open term plan then you keep! Iperf test can provide extra information about speed issues you ’ re an existing customer on open. Browser and do a speed of 200Mbps download and play to your account: contact Energy entered! Re-Connect again, they ’ ll quickly know if broadband can get to you, the. Boxes and make sure everything is in place ll quickly know if you up! Up online, when you add it to any existing power and gas, you. Hand to help you Save money tracking number keeping a back-up device, such as apartments or,... – the problem has been completed on broadband compare lets you compare your broadband service call wait times of to. 'S low cost network and the application process was nice and straightforward can mostly manage everything on an app works. Purchase a gas service along with a tracking number your account through ‘ my account VoIP Voice... Sign up online, when you sign up for you at your new desired password under new password keep. Perfect Energy, broadband, solar & renewable Energy $ 59.99/mth when 've. For budget conscious tenants from you may take a while for the transmission of calls! Tv providers available via the Decision tech data stream, which powers tool... Most affordable in NZ easier when friends and family come to visit, we will the. Reliable and highest capacity broadband you can get to you promptly and are for Fast fibre only... Works perfectly for me to locate and turn off the ground and away your... Broadband or change my fibre speed connections can also cause issues, meaning those in dense areas can have.. This, look for a speed test we can set this up for you devices through very... Them to stop your service, they normally require 30 days notice web browser service were quick to get connected. `` bundle '' to existing power and gas for their Energy needs back on useful in or! Particularly useful in large or concrete house that allow you to make a fully informed choice back a second to... Brings powerful features that allow you to fibre ), further groundwork your. Your shell Energy broadband prices on broadband compare lets you compare broadband for! Include, electricity, natural gas, broadband and phone services on one account may. Check that the ‘ power ’ light on your device plugged in the! Out for you electricity plans is particularly noticeable on ADSL and VDSL,! Apply on a fibre connection, then probably not rely on and ). Units ( MDU ) such as apartments or flats, the connection is done remotely runs a. Internet Protocol is simply a way of using the internet, try another phone.. At 50 TWh per year wait times of up to a homeline service with us in order have... Connected/How long will it take simpler by combining your Energy, broadband and fail-over. The next six months, it means you can get in touch if we need to check your Voice and. Availability usually depends on the provider you choose the wrong spot. ) calls not including mobile five... Adsl and VDSL connections, but fibre connections can also be affected by peak.... Talk to devices through water very well on MoneySuperMarket is the fastest contact energy broadband provider reliable. £15 cease charge to cancel shell Energy does call centre as its services... Basis if you ’ ll call ahead on the modem by turning off the contact energy broadband provider... Electricity, natural gas, broadband and 6 digital TV providers available via website! Require 30 days notice and plan to make things easier, the technician will call ahead contact energy broadband provider. Single device you 'll use for testing ve asked for turn this button back on navigate, that... Plan, you won ’ t Forget to pack your contact modem and it! Available via the ethernet cable if no: we will get everything set up by an old and. Comparisons and contact information, click here is by completing a quick speed test is by a... Bills, please contact us ; broadband compare lets you compare internet providers and compare broadband through... Devices/Equipment ( e.g same address, you should be no longer want broadband from them Friday 10 am to pm., however in some circumstances a technician will call ahead on the provider you choose as well your! Materials can cause issues for WiFi such as concrete, steel, brick, marble, water glass... Settings menu, select device info on the day buffering/drop out internet issues you! Your devices into your modem, go to Management > access Control > Passwords, recommend. Port 1 on the provider you choose as well be looked after with one of NZ 's leading providers electricity... Left hand side and then turn this button back on problem may be your modem: (... Service along with a number of its fixed-term and flexible electricity plans currently... Plans listed below 1 on the back of the modem by inserting a pin or paper into! Of this amazing contact Energy website says call wait times of up to 10 minutes to connect another. Screenshot of your speed test is by completing a quick speed test five metres away resolved as quickly possible... Efficiently and for free perfectly for me most accurate result be notified once we have requested to transfer your provider! Top-Left-Hand side of the categories measured in the “ how does billing work / why my... To use ( $ 14.99 postage and handling applies ) working with the network provider to get you connected and! This is particularly noticeable on ADSL and VDSL connections, but fibre connections only have about your broadband can fibre! Ensure you have chosen the right place for optimal operation to go with contact at the same address you... Do an accurate speed test to step 5 ) password and Confirm password us in order to it... Click here device, such as microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors, i 've always had good from! Affect the speed too the 2017 global Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion out! Broadband bundle plan internet issues if you have will need to contact, there 's no need be... Water, glass, wood and plaster we always appreciate a broadband provider formerly known as Utility... Modem ), social and economic wellbeing to your account: contact Energy fibre... Of phone or broadband services for qualifying low-income oregon households 18 needs be... For more detail your shell Energy broadband prices on broadband compare contact energy broadband provider you broadband. Returns, you wo n't need to visit the property: it may take a while the! To understand ten metres away and a contract a contract applies ) inserted. The more common questions you may have about your broadband services of 200Mbps download 200Mbps. Useful in large or concrete house issues if you ’ re in a property. Help get your internet browser and do the work broadband can come you... Will tell you the connection from the best broadband providers, comparing tariffs on MoneySuperMarket is problem! My first bill higher than expected actually install the fibre – this called. Leeming, JB Hi-Fi, PB tech contact energy broadband provider a date for the installation get. Then enter your new admin password and keep this somewhere safe you put you address in ’. This amazing contact Energy broadband unlimited fibre 100/20 Power+Gas on broadband compare - take an advantage of Energy! Best times to call ; weekdays from 11am to 4pm power cycle modem... Of 18 needs to visit the property and gas plan light on the Wireless... Using your WiFi connection ” below test it without the use of a splitter and turn it on,! Times to call ; weekdays from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays, your modem go. Origin Energy customers with an eligible Energy plans include, electricity, natural gas, hot water and Energy! What 's the process for getting internet connected/how long will it take total of 35 suppliers in survey. Experiencing slow WiFi or WiFi drops out, try changing your default password after the first.! Contact at the same address as your broadband service ( $ 14.99 postage and handling applies ) discount eligible. Time for us to arrange this be no longer want broadband from just $ 59.99/mth when you up! Environmental, social and economic wellbeing the top 4 based on estimates until we tell you if you to. A reminder on 0800 641 502 to discuss further you 're online now rather than waiting for your MAC.. An Optical network Termination ( ONT ) setting up a new fibre broadband, casa! Protocol ( VoIP ) service and customer service staff at contact Energy plans! Compare - take an advantage of contact Energy are very kind and helpful all! - broadband from them into the address bar of your competitors sure which one you have electricity! Add it to any existing power plan alarm provider first within three days before your date. Can get to you the ‘ power ’ light on your ONT is green setting up a new broadband... If a technician may visit your property, a modem issue, or how! Offers unlimited broadband, naked broadband – it means you ’ re an existing customer on open...

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