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That way the entire section might have a more uniform sound. Why would you want to subject a delicate instrument to that kind of heavy use. Vito used to be part of LeBlanc, for example, but is now owned by Conn-Selmer, I believe. First select your ability level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced/professional. Yamaha YCL-250 Bb Clarinet, GREAT CONDITION, includes case, cover & rag cleaner. This is the Yamaha Corporation [Musical Instrument Guide] website. The choice is up to the preference of the player. The models we recommend are: These are all comparable, but we personally prefer the Buffet B12, Yamaha 20 or Vito 7214. The YCL-200ADII is the perfect rental instrument for the beginning clarinet student. (Some Signets are plastic, so make sure you're getting a Selmer Signet 100 made of grenadilla wood. YAMAHA Musical Instrument Clarinet with Case YCL-255 from Japan Import! 5 product ratings - New! Buffet E11 or International, made in Germany. Yamaha 34 (or its twins the 450 and Advantage 400), Noblet 40 or 45, or newer Normandy 4, all made by Leblanc, Selmer 200, 210, 211 or Selmer Signet 100. Buffet Crampon Evette-Schaeffer K-Series Wood Clarinet … There were also YCL-26IIMSUK clarinets which had a matt finish plastic body (hence the 'M'), silver plated keys (which is the 'S') and (allegedly) made for the UK market (finishing with 'UK'). Almost gone. C $1,216.73. It's impossible to say, but a student instrument should last for 10 years of constant playing, an intermediate clarinet for 15 - 20 years of steady use, and a professional model even longer. It just doesn't make sense to buy an inexpensive used clarinet and then have to spend a lot of money in repairs. They are made of plastic, and it is important that the horn be in good playing condition, with a medium mouthpiece (plastic is OK), a supply of reeds, cork grease and a swab. They like to keep their wooden clarinet indoors, and then use a plastic one outdoors. Lightly Used Yamaha Student Clarinet YCL-200ADII Advantage Series – 1 Year Shop Warranty. Offering A Myriad Of Features That Enforce Positive Habits And Provide Comfort And Durabilty, The Advantage Standard Bb Clarinet … ... Yamaha Advantage Bb Clarinet … Avoid the E11 made in France. We recommend: There are other professional models as well including Selmer, LeBlanc and Yamaha. Yamaha’s 4C clarinet mouthpiece is a smart choice for beginner and even intermediate players. ILS 1,114.08. The Yamaha YCL-450NM International Clarinet is an exceptional line of the intermediate instrument designed to bring out the best in the student player.. Sounds like a good plan. Mouthpiece: At the beginning level, the plastic mouthpiece that came with your instrument is okay, but after a while it will begin to impede progress. Bundy 577 Plastic Clarinet Plastic. $298 (Shoreline Area) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. It just gets a better tone. Make Offer - Yamaha Advantage Clarinet CL1 NEW MOUTHPIECE & JUST SERVICED The Legacy CL750 Clarinet With Deluxe Case And Cork Case + Mouthpiece, 2 Barrels $100.00 3d 16h If an instrument is carefully used for a few years and then left in the case, it should still be in good condition. $198. Sometime in the second or third year of study, start thinking about getting a high quality hard rubber mouthpiece such as the Vandoren B45. 70. Get the best deal for Yamaha Plastic Clarinets from the largest online selection at eBay.com. 7 product ratings - Yamaha YCL-250: Just Serviced w/ All New Original-Spec Pads plus New Mouthpiece! Bb Plastic Clarinet… Keep in mind that although the 4C is a … There are lots of other brands, but my advice is to stick with the "Big Four" as listed above: Buffet, LeBlanc, Selmer or Yamaha. We recommend: Professional Instrument - This is for an advanced high school or college player or a professional. Yamaha … If you are involved in or just aware of orchestral instruments, you will know about Mendini. Selmer Student Model CL301 Bb Clarinet… How do you tell? You can hasten this process by rubbing it with your hands or holding it under your arm. Instrument Care & Note Positions Chart Major Scales (1 Octave) | Major Scales (2 Octaves) Minor Scales (1 Octave) Yamaha Advantage Clarinet - YCL-200ADII - w/ Mouth Piece, Ligature, & Case. The bore (that is, the inside diameter) of the barrel is just as important to tuning as the length is.A larger diameter shortens the sound wave and sharpens the pitch. A twin of the Yamaha 450, this used Yamaha Advantage 400AD clarinet is a great-sounding instrument with a comfortable feel. Yamaha YCL250 Clarinet. The Buffet has the wonderful feel of the Buffet professional model, but the cases do not hold up well. It is durable, easy to clean, and encourages a great tone quality. You hate to see someone drop a nice wooden instrument, but it's not so bad with a plastic one. Remember the clarinet is just a two pound hunk of metal and wood until the player makes it come alive. 8 product ratings - NEW YAMAHA Bb CLARINET, MODEL #YCL255, 7 product ratings - YAMAHA Clarinet YCL-250 used in Japan M7246, 8 product ratings - Yamaha Ycl-255 N44917 _70625, 1 product ratings - YAMAHA YCL-255 Yamaha Standard Clarinet ABS plastic tube YCL255 from japan, 5 product ratings - New YCL-255 YAMAHA Clarinet standard model Shipping from JAPAN, 2 product ratings - Yamaha YCL-24 clarinet with case and mouthpiece, good condition, 5 product ratings - YAMAHA YCL-255 Bb Standard Model Clarinet with Case EMS w/ Tracking NEW, 8 product ratings - Yamaha Student Model Bb Clarinet - Play Tested âœ, 7 product ratings - Yamaha YCL 250 Clarinet GREAT shape - Student Band, 4 product ratings - Yamaha YCL-20 Clarinet With Yamaha Case, Made in Japan, Very Good condition, 1 product ratings - YAMAHA / YCL255 Yamaha Standard clarinet ABS resin tube YCL255 B075T5Y46P, 5 product ratings - YAMAHA Musical Instrument Clarinet with Case YCL-255 Import 867 4957812509367. The better the instrument, the more of its value it will retain. Something went wrong. Band Director: Start with your band director. Unless you are a proficient clarinet player, you probably can't tell by looking if an instrument needs work. $22.70 $ 22. There is nothing wrong with giving a wooden clarinet to a beginner, but it just isn't necessary. As low as $49/mo. Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD is a very popular option on the higher end of the price range. Although the Yamaha YCL-650 is a more expensive option and … For most players, an intermediate level instrument is good enough to last through the rest of their playing career. Yamaha YCL-250 Bb Clarinet, 4C mouthpiece, Case, Student Starter Kit w/Stand Yamaha ycl 250 clarinet YAMAHA Clarinet YCL-250 #464 YAMAHA YCL-250 CLARINET w/ CASE ~ AMAZING CONDITION! In my opinion, Yamaha makes the finest student instruments in the world. Some band directors will recommend a certain brand, and that's what you should get. FREE Shipping. The Yamaha YCL-650 is a wooden clarinet so it will require more regular maintenance and cleaning than a plastic clarinet. First, all Yamaha clarinets are designed to meet and surpass the standard test. All of the tenon corks, except for the one on the mouthpiece, are new, and … If you are buying from a reputable dealer (such as ClarinetCloset.Com) the instrument should be in good playing condition with return priviledges during the inspection period. Clarinet, Yamaha model 20 Just Service in excellent condition! Yamaha YCL-200AD Bb Advantage Clarinet $390 Used, very good condition. Yamaha Plastic Clarinet Care Kit. LOOK! Electronics Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Student Clarinet. YAMAHA YCL-255 Yamaha Standard Clarinet ABS plastic tube YCL255 from japan. Yamaha Advantage Clarinet, With Accessories, Read Description For Details Yamaha Advantage YCL-200ADI Black Clarinet W/ HSC Yamaha YCL-200AD Bb Advantage Clarinet Model with Case - NEW Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Clarinet *Upgraded Mouthpiece* *Great Condition* Yamaha Advantage clarinet Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Clarinet Yamaha Advantage Bb Clarinet YCL-200AD - Recently Serviced YAMAHA … Value? The YCL-200ADII Is The Perfect Rental Instrument For The Beginning Clarinet Student. There is a dizzying array of mouthpieces on the market, but unless your band director or private teacher has a preference, just stick with the excellent and well known Vandoren B45. $549.99. This light bill design is the result of an ABS resin construction, which makes this clarinet … The YCL-450 intermediate model clarinet incorporates some of the distinct qualities of Yamaha's professional and custom clarinets. Yamaha Advantage Student Model Clarinet New barrel and bell design Valentino pads Matte finish Includes Yamaha hardshell ABS plastic case, Plastic (4C) medium-closed mouthpiece, Nickel-plated …

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